Aqua Shield Potable Water Tube

Aqua Shieldtubing is the ideal solution for municipal water lines. It can be used alone or in conjunction with cathodic protection to increase the life of the tubing and thereby reduce maintenance costs associated with replacing existing service lines. Aqua Shield tubing is coated using blue polyethylene plastic which is a very abrasive resistant plastic ideal for “pull throughs” when replacing existing service lines. Aqua Shield’s coating is extruded to meet a minimum of .026 mil thickness.

Added Corrosion Protection

  • Polyethylene coating protects copper from corrosion
  • Factory-coating prevents contamination between copper and sleeving
  • Polyethylene is one of the most inert plastic materials available

Easy To Install

  • Compatible with standard compression fittings and soldering/brazing techniques
  • Eliminates need for on-site sleeving in most cases
  • Quick installation saves time and labor costs

Easy to Identify

  • Coated blue for easy identification
  • Custom line marking available upon request to include a utility’s name for further identification

Easily Approved

Aqua Shield™ tubing is manufactured using copper alloy C12200 and manufactured to all requirements of ASTM B-88. Our product is also approved under NSF-61. Please review our specifications sheet for more detailed information and approval notices in either our plumbing or municipal sections above. For further information and approval listings, please contact us.


Aqua Shield Coated Copper Tubing