Gas-Tec Plus Outer Sleeved Gas Tube

Gas-Tec Plus™ combines our standard Gas-Tec® tubing with a high density polyethylene (HDPE) outer sleeve for special application installations where additional physical protection is required. This now eliminates the hassle and expense of on-site sleeving in areas where our standard coated copper tubing requires more protection.

Added Physical Protection from Exterior Damage

  • Protects tubing in areas such as flower beds, door thresholds and other high traffic areas
  • Durable high density polyethylene outer sleeve

No More On-Site Sleeving

  • Eliminate the tedious task of sleeving at the job site
  • Significantly reduces installation time
  • Saves additional costs associated with on-site sleeving

Ideal Solution for Under Concrete Installations

  • Protects the inner tube from damage
  • Allows for quick and easy removal of tube without having to remove the concrete