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Oil Pro-Tec Grooved Oil Tube

Oil Pro-Tecô coated copper tubing was uniquely designed to protect both the environment from oil contaminants and the copper tubing from corrosion. Oil Pro-Tec features an innovative concept in fuel oil tubing. Special grooves between the coating and the copper assist with leak detection should a line failure occur. Oil Pro-Tec is continuously line-marked with tube contents, ASTM specification, size and lot number, which allows the tubing to be traced back to the origin of manufacture.

New - Larger Diameter Now Available!

  • 1-1/2" and 2" K 20' straight lengths offered as a tight- sleeved product without grooves.

Assists With Leak Detection

  • Inner grooves assist in early leak detection
  • Protects the environment from oil contaminants

Added Corrosion Protection

  • Polyethylene coating protects copper from corrosion
  • Polyethylene is one of the most inert plastics available

Easy To Install

  • Eliminates on-site sleeving in most cases
  • Flexible, easy to join, compact size
  • No additional training required

Easy To Identify

  • Continuous line-marking
  • Permanent orange polyethylene coating
  • Traceable back to origin of manufacture


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Oil Pro-Tec Coated Copper Tubing
The North American Leader of Polyethylene Coated Copper Tubing
Oil Pro-Tec coated copper tubing
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